General information about the 8th Norwich Sea Scouts

Information aimed primarily at non-members, and including some useful reminders for all.


The 8th Norwich is one of the oldest, largest and most active Sea Scout Groups in the UK.   With over 220 young members from age 7 to 18 and over 100 active adult leaders and instructors, the Group provides a stunning range of  sea scouting activities with an emphasis on outdoor, adventure based land and water activities.   We seek to provide a stimulating and challenging environment in which young people can learn new skills, grow independence, build a sense of service and leadership, as well as providing them with a space to socialise and make friends.   

Scouting is not school and we operate differently, encouraging more interaction across age

groups and taking on responsibilities from a young age.   However, we share many of the values that you would expect of any school or scout group, expecting respect and tolerance between all members as the norm, whatever their age.   As a uniformed youth organisation we expect members to respect the heritage, values and traditions of the Group and hope to see their pride grow as they journey through their Sea Scouting voyage.

  • 8th Norwich Sea Scout Troop
  • RN Recognised Sea Scout Group No 26
  • RYA Training Centre

Meetings – Structure and Times


Participation in the Broader Programme


The Troop is made up of two "Watches":-

Port Watch
Wednesdays 6.00 p.m. to 8.15 p.m. 
Starboard Watch
Thursdays 6.00 p.m. to 8.15 p.m. 

Each Watch holds up to 60 Scouts aged 10.5 to 14. (dependent on the number of leaders) 


Monday Pack
5.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Tuesday Pack
5.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.


Each Pack can hold typically up to 24-30 Cubs (dependent on the number of leaders) 

Mondays 7.15 for 7.30 p.m. start, to 9.00 p.m. or as arranged
There are meetings most weeks but generally they are aimed at sub-groups of members who are expected to sign up online to advise attendance.


The weekly meetings, held at our Headquarters at 70b Bishopgate, Norwich, NR1 4AA, are the central activity of the Cubs and Scouts, but all members are expected to support some of the major and minor activities we run throughout the year. Details are published on the website.

Water activities play a prominent role in our programme, both in the weekly troop meetings, and in the weekend and holiday activities. Confidence in the water is therefore essential for our members.   We provide swimming pool lessons during the winter to support this.

Uniform and Clothing


Distributing Information

The Sea Scout uniform consists of a jersey, neckerchief and woggle, and scout activity trousers.  A Sea Scout hat (with tally band) is loaned by the Group at ceremonial occasions.   We issue all members with a Troop polo shirt (the first one is free of charge) to use for activity dress and to wear under the uniform jersey.

For all meetings boys and girls also need suitable clothes for activities, and during the boating season a spare set of clothes, towel and waterproofs may be necessary. There is a great deal of boating during the summer term, and usually there is some activity on the water in March, September and October, and possibly even into December.

A sound, named zip-up bag is sensible for keeping spare clothing in; we have no lockers for personal possessions.

All clothing should be named clearly.


Almost all information – and there’s an overwhelming amount of it – is distributed by email only and normally repeated on the website.

You need to use the website for:

  • Booking places on events
  • A massive source of relevant information about our activities
  • A photo gallery of our activities. 
  • Ordering uniform




We publish future dates in good time and updated information is put on the website. The programme is always being developed, but typically it includes the following:

Major Events


Shorter Events

  • A hill-walking expedition during the autumn half term, usually in a mountainous area.
  • Walking during the February half term.
  • A week’s training cruise on the Broads during the Easter holidays
  • A two-week summer camp (Isle of Wight, Poole Harbour, Jersey or Chichester)
  • A shorter alternative camp near the middle of August (Monmouthshire, Wye Valley)
  • A sailing course during the May half term (Indoor accommodation, Lowestoft - RNSYC).
  • Short local camps on occasions, and occasional jamborees.
  • A 5 day power boating course (living aboard Broads cruisers) in the October half term)
  • A one night "first-nighters" camp for Cubs
  • A three night Summer Camp for Cubs
  • Adhoc Explorer Expeditions including overseas trips 
  • Hikes
  • Swimming and lifesaving  (Winter pool sessions)
  • Canoeing and kayaking skills training (in swimming pools and rivers of different grades).
  • Cycling – off-road for the most part but may include some on-road trips
  • Bushcraft days and weekends (includes fire-lighting, knife and axe work)
  • Gig/Sailing/Canoe/Kayak expeditions at various levels, some overnight.
  • Regular sailing and windsurfing days.
  • We also compete in various events at national and local levels, as circumstances allow. These include the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race and the National Scout Sailing Regatta.

Note: our programme aims to build skills and independence which will involve scouts and explorers on activities without direct supervision i.e. remote / distant supervision by adult leaders.  This includes overnight expeditions.

Weekly Cub Pack; Scout Troop and Explorer Unit Weekly Meetings and Programmes



We run a full programme of games and activities on our weekly, with training towards various awards and badges. This includes training for the main Challenges and the Nautical Skills Badges.

Going afloat in dinghies, the gig, kayaks, open canoes and on stan-up paddle boards is a regular part of our weekly meetings. If you do not like going afloat then it may be that the 8th Norwich is not for you!


We are a Royal Yachting Association Training Centre, and as such include much training for the sailing, powerboating and windsurfing awards of the RYA.

We also issue the Paddlesport/Star awards of the British Canoe Union. Additionally, we sometimes lay on training for the awards of the British Red Cross and the Royal Lifesaving Society.



Subscriptions and Fund-Raising

We expect all to maintain an appropriate level of involvement and progress.   We operate a waiting list and there is heavy demand to get involved and membership of the Group may be cut short where we feel members are not participating as they should.  

The programme for cubs, scouts and explorers is occasionally enhanced by opportunities to participate in activities less central to our regular training, using local facilities away from our HQ.  We strive to cover the costs of our programme within our annual subscription but occasionally we may have to pass on any charges but members are prior warned and given the option to participate.     All camps and residentials are charged for separately.

The overwhelming majority of the work in running the programme and maintaining our facilities is based on voluntary effort.


An annual subscription is charged each September for the year, pro rata for those who join later in the year, which covers most activities except overnight ones.

We ask you to pay by Gift Aid, which earns us a substantial sum each year.

Many parents help with fund-raising events, in particular by producing and selling lunches and refreshments on sports days and other occasions.

The Group Executive (Trustee) Committee includes a number of parents, and we are always looking for parents to help in this way.

The Group receives good help from Norwich School, which comes in the form of staff time for key leaders, the rental and rates on the headquarters, printing, other administrative support and access to its minibus fleet.

Participation and Training

Targets for Members

We have progress targets for members. There is some flexibility in these, especially for those who join above Year 6. Active members can easily achieve these goals, and much more, by participating in our weekly meetings and a number of the other events we run.

Your first year


Subsequent years

By the end of your first month you should have passed our basic swimming test and achieved the Scout Membership badge.

By the end of your first term you should have attended at least one of our short events and have signed up for at least one of our residential events.

By the end of year 6 you should have achieved at least two challenge awards, one nautical skills award, Emergency Aid Stage 2, one other activity badge and at least 5 nights away.


By the end of year 7 you should have achieved at least four challenge awards, two nautical skills awards, and at least 12 nights away and two other activity badges.

By the end of year 8 you should have achieved at least six challenge awards, three nautical skills awards, three other activity badges and at least 20 nights away.

By the end of year 9 you should have achieved the Chief Scout’s Gold Award, at least one overnight backpacking or boatpacking expedition, and lots more.


If you are interested in joining please use this online form , which also contains our Consent to Participate.