Application to join the 8th Norwich Sea Scout Group

Please use this form to ask for a place in the 8th Norwich as a Cub (age 7½ to 10½) or Scout (10½ to 14), or to join the Octavi Explorer Scout Unit. (The form is intended only for new membership requests, and not for transfers between sections. If you are asking to move from the 8th Norwich Cubs to the Troop please use the transfer form).

Do note that membership is open primarily to members of Norwich School and to siblings of members of the Scout Group. You may apply for a place any time after accepting a place in the School. There may occasionally be space for others to join.

Please do not submit the form twice! If you are wondering about the status of your application please email us.

Please enter the name by which he likes to be known (eg Bill Sykes as opposed to William RJ Sykes Jnr)
Cubs: 7½ to 10 (Normally School Years 3 to 5) Scouts: 10½ to 14 (Normally School Years 6 to sometime during 9) Explorers: 14 to 18 (Normally School years 9/10 to 13)
School Year starting September 2017. Norwich School form names: Year 3=L1, 4=Form1, 5=Form 2, 6=Form 3, 7=L4, 8=U4, 9=L5, 10=M5, 11=U5, 12=L6, 13=U6
This can be in the future provided a place in the School has been accepted. (Indicating 1st of month is fine)
Please indicate your present school and any imminent change expected
This helps us for setting up accounts and website access.
eg Mr and Mrs J Smith, Dr F and Dr G Smith, Ms I Smith
Post code goes in the next box
Include area code
07nnn nnn nnn
07nnn nnn nnn
We operate on and by the water most of the time so basic swimming competence is essential.
NOTE: The meeting nights are changing in September 2016 and these options are for the days which will apply from then. The more flexible you can be the more likely we are to be able to accommodate you. Leave blank if you do not mind.
We have to balance the year group and gender mix on each evening. Please detail why a particular night is essential if that is the case.
eg Bathilda and Severus
Further comments or questions, details of siblings in the Group, etc